Tony Ink Tattoo

Tai Hoi My Thuat Thanh Pho 2009-2010

Date : 27/07/2013

Tony da duoc Thay Muoi Chu Tich Hoi My Thuat Thanh Pho Cong Nhan la 1Artist  Xuat xac voi nhung Tac Pham co gia tri Nghe Thuat cao...2010 Tai Hoi My Thuat TP /páteur


Convention 3

Date : 04/02/2013

Today, the society and culture of Eastern countries also have a "fresh" look of tattoos and tattooing. And the tattoo or not, it does not evaluate the ethics of tattoos.
Historically, the military Nguyen Mong three times to invade our country in the years 1258, 1285, 1287, and has three times been defeated.
To be able to win a glorious way, the military ousted Nguyen Mong, outside the consensus of the military, the tattoo of the word "Police" wool arm has contributed somewhat to be proud of gas Eastern A majestic Tran .